Pellet Stove S1902:
  • Digital control system for fully automatic control - set running time, manual, temperature
  • Large Heat Exchanger Tubes
  • A 55 lb (25 kg) Hopper
  • Large Capacity Ash Reservoir Reduces Cleaning Frequency.
  • Top Loading Fuel Feed System Separates Burn Pot And Fuel Storage Reducing Risk Of Burn Back.
  • Negative Pressure Burn Box Prevents Spillage Of Smoke And Fumes Into The House.
  • Manual Draft Control Allows Adjustment For Fuel And Draft Conditions.
  • Adjustable Fuel Feed From Setting 1 To 5.
  • Variable Speed Exchanger Fan.
  • Unique "Bouncing Flame" Heater Design.
  • Effective Air Wash System Keeps Glass Clean.
  • Electric Igniter.
  • Safety Certified In US, Canada, Europe.
  • Certified For Mobile Home Installation

Body Construction:
Beautiful Modern Design
This is a solid pellet stove with heavy Duty construction - 276lb.
Visible Corners Are Finished For Safety And Appearance.
Side Panels Swing open For Quick And Easy Access - Magnetic.
Side Panels Can Be Removed With The Pull Of A Spring Loaded Pin.
Heavy Duty Burn Pot With Unique Hole Pattern For Maximum Burn Efficiency.
Lay Out Of Components Are Easily Accessed Through Rear Panel.
Uncluttered And Unusually Large Space Between Components For Easy Maintenance.
Electrical Ignition

  • Heavy Duty Hinges
  • Rod And Scraper Type Heat Exchanger Cleaner
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    S1902 Freestanding:
    Best Value for the money is our new addition freestanding pellet stove. Packed with quality features and modern design.
    Heavy duty metal construction gives this unit an edge over other models. Innovative features like Magnetic side doors with removable spring loaded fasteners are for easy assess. Component lay out will give you easy working environment. Igniter, programmable touch pad, located at eye high at rear top of stove allow  easy and fast input of program changes. Large ash draw and hopper design. Heavy duty hinges.

    Door Catch Magnetic        

    Magnetic Door Catch:
    Standard with this product. Pull on front side panels, release of magnetic catch, easy access to front components

    Large Tube Heat Exchange Unique Design         

    Heat Exchange:
    86% efficiency is achieved with this unique large tube design. An Heat exchange cleaning mechanism is on cooperated into the front section. Pull, 1,2,3 and clean.

    ComponantsEasy Access      

    Designed For Technicians:
    Any pellet stove technician will love to work on this unit. No twisting nor bending of  arms in awaked positions.
    One look, one touch..... It truly is easy as 1...2...3... maintaining this wood pellet stove.

    Hopper Super Strong Hinges  

    Pellet Stove Hopper:
    This hopper is equipped with one of the strongest and innovated lid hinges in the industry. When closed the hinge part moves away so that they is no interference with pellets. Heavy duty lid switch that keeps controller informed of status. 55lb


    Large Ash Draw:
    Automatically the dry ash will drop below. 99.9% of the fuel is converted to heat and a minimum of the original fuel is left behind. Cleaning of the ash pan is reduced to a few times in the season.

    Burn Pot Heavy Duty 

    Efficient Heavy Duty burn pot:
    A unique air hole intake design will deliver  almost 100% combustion of the fuel. The pellet stove burn pot also in cooperates the hot air igniter input hole for the automatic ignition.

    Control PanelDigital

    A software based control panel:
    Has a read out of the actual ambient temperature, manual model, automatic mode, program your pellet stove to come on automatically for future events. Indicates the step by step actions of the pellet stove at any given time


    Stove Insert
    WIDTH 26.5" / 670 mm  
    DEPTH 25" / 625 mm  
    HEIGHT 36" / 900 mm  
    WEIGHT 276 lb. / 125 kg  
    FUEL CAPACITY 55 lb. / 25 kg  
    BURN TIME hours  
    INPUT/HR* 42,000 BTU  
    FLUE DIAMETER 3" / 75 mm