3PVP-WS 3PVP-WS Use to support VENT PIPES 1” clearance.

3PVP-WS: Use to support vent pipe or tee sections. Provides 1” clearance.
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PelletVent Pro is a venting system
designed for stoves and inserts that
use wood pellets and oil fuel. It is also
built to vent biofuel products such as
corn, switch grass, cherry pits, soybeans,
coffee husks, sunflower hulls, walnut
shells and wheat, to name a few.
(Rated for continuous use flue
temperatures up to 570° F.)

Materials and Construction
Laser-welded, double-wall pipe with
an inner wall of super-ferritic stainless
steel and a .018” laser-welded galvalume
outer wall. Painted black exterior
available. Primary metal-to-metal
connection seals joint. Encapsulated
o-ring provides a secondary seal.

1” clearance to combustibles in the USA
and Canada for appliances using corn
and other biofuels, wood pellets or oil.
3” & 4”

c-UL-us Listed to UL 641 (MH8381 and
ULC Listed to ULC S609, ULC/ORD C441
(CMH1439 and CMH1440).

PelletVent Pro for biofuels

All PelletVent Pro® components that come into contact with flue gases are built with an inner wall of corrosion resistant superferritic metal. PelletVent Pro is engineered with features for a durable, safe and aesthetically pleasing venting system. PelletVent
Pro is a patent-pending venting system for stoves and inserts that use wood pellets, corn and other biofuels, or oil, as fuel. As a result of DuraVent’s cutting-edge manufacturing process and commitment to innovation, PelletVent Pro is uncompromised in
attention to detail and performance. This perfect fit and finish is made possible with a laser-welded inner and outer wall. Select components are available in black.

PelletVent Pro is now UL listed for 1” clearance to combustibles in the USA and in Canada. It’s double-wall, air-insulated design offers superior performance. Seams are factory-sealed on all elbows, tees, and fittings. Since the introduction of pellet stoves in the 1980’s,
DuraVent is recognized as the industry leader in venting systems for pellet stoves. Today, approximately 3 of every 4 pellet stoves in the US and Canada are vented with a Simpson Dura-Vent pellet system.
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