About Us

The PelletStoveStore | Herbs Appliances 
Thank you for visiting our Website. The Pellet Stove Store   is an online Store that has evolved over the last 16 years in providing you with the most innovated and affordable pellet stoves that money can buy. The PelletStoveStore offer Pellet Stoves that are efficient and are made of the best parts available in the industry. The manufacturing technics include laser cutters for precision finished parts.  We understand our business, we understand pellet stoves. We can help with different installations, provide technical support. Our Parts department has an extensive inventory for the most needed pellet stove parts. Our territories are Canada and the USA. We ship with the most competitive and experienced  freight companies in North America. Our Warehouses are located in Kamloops,British Columbia, Reno,Sparks Nevada and Hudson, New York.

Pellet Stove Piping
A pellet stove without piping / venting is, of course, incomplete. With either new pellet stove installations or existing once, we can work with you in deciding what pellet stove piping configuration is most suitable for your particular installation. When you provide us with all your measurements, we will come up with a list of all the piping you will need to hook up your pellet stove. We understand the regulations, distances to combustibles and the different installation configurations that are possible. The pellet stove pipes do not have to be cut, each pipe is already pre-made for easy installation. They push/turn lock together like legos. Most of our customers install the wood pellet stoves themselves. If you cannot install yourself, we can work with your handy man or installer to get the job done. If you know what pellet stove piping / venting you need, just go to the pellet stove piping  category and add each wood pellet stove fitting to your basket.

Pellet Stove Parts
The PelletStoveStore also carry all the essential replacement parts, should you ever need any. Quality replacement parts to get your pellet stove back to a working condition as quickly as possible.
Under the Wood Pellet Stove part category  you will be able to order the most common pellet stove parts directly from the webpage The PelletStoveStore | Herbs Appliances. Combustion motors, Auger Motors, Convection fans, igniters, burn pots ect. are just some readily available pellet stove parts.