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low temp, check hopper, burn pot error message

>Stove starts up ok then warning commes up burnpot low temp and shuts down tried unplugging cord stove is clean from ash has had issues since switching to fir pellets

The low temp error code, check hopper and burn pot issue is most likely caused by the following:
When the Lid Switch and Vacuum Switch symbol disappear ( or just one of them )from the screen or when the sensor mounted on the exhaust blower housing does not close properly so that the PCB thinks there is no fire/heat.
The sensor switch closes at about 140f ( white in color, two terminals mounted on it and the size of a small coin 1/2" tall ), then the PCB board knows we have a fire and we can carry on, if not the pellet stove will stop feeding, the flame will go out and you will get the error messages.
Do the following:
Make sure that the lid switch and the vacuum switch symbol are always on. If one or both of them disappear, the stove will stop feeding. Example if lid switch symbol disappears from the screen, check the lid switch for proper connection.
If both symbols are on and stay on, the problem most certainly lies with the exhaust blower housing sensors. Change the sensor or look for a loose connection.