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no vacuum switch symbol showing

>Having trouble replying to your emails.My stove goes through its ignition start up sequence then fails to feed pellets.
>NO VACUUM light shows.
>The stove has been deep cleaned ,chimney dismantled and cleaned
>Stove is just on three years old
>Its getting a bit cold here lol

Hi Geoff,
the pellets will stop feeding after the start up sequence, if the vacuum symbol is not showing.
Take the rear left panel off and located vacuum switch behind the panel. the vacuum switch has two wires, bypass them and see if the symbol shows up again. If so, the the vacuum switch is most likely faulty.
Order and replace.
Also check and make sure the hose to the body is ok, ( not broken, loosing air ),
if your combustion fan is not working properly or if you have a blockage, then the vacuum switch will not register the negative pressure in your stove and so the symbol will not show and the pellet stove will stop feeding.