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S1902 low temp warning

>I have been getting a low temp warning on my new pellet stove (model 1902) but the pellets are blazing. The stove then shuts down and I have to restart. I first clean the stove and then restart, sometimes that solves the problem, sometimes not. I should not be getting a low temp warning. Can you help me troubleshoot this problem? Thanks in advance.

Take the right rear panel off and check your thermostats on your exhaust blower housing. You only need one - the other thermostat is a spare.
Check the terminals on the thermostat. Make sure they are not loose in any way. May be take them out and apply heat to them. 130f Then the thermostat will close and you can check with a continuity meter if it has closed. Use this thermostat only, if ok, and connect the two wires that arrive to that point from the other side of the pellet stove. The computer is waiting for this thermostat to close - telling it that a flame has been established and the pellet stove can continue heating.
If the thermostat does not close or the message does not get to the computer, then that means there is no flame and the warning comes on.
Try that and let me know.